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Therefore, he sees every horrible act he's committed as merely the price of progress.
Idiosyncratic Episode Naming : every season finale is a Title Drop to whichever book that season was dramatizing.At the end of Season 2,.The show is also quite meticulous in looking for a whore depicting gravity in space travel.Where they get enough oxygen, water and food for everybody is not elaborated.And this is only the prototype.Punctuated Pounding : Bobbie Draper gives one to the mcrn chaplain in "Here There Be Dragons".Kenzo, the corporate espionage spy from Tycho Station.Weaponized Exhaust : An unintentional example.
Unfortunately for him, he's nowhere near as well armed as the stealth ships who attacked the Donnager.
As a compromise, they instead stick it in a missile with proximity sensors and leave it free-floating at an abandoned asteroid mine, far from anyone who might think to look for it or even stumble upon.
Due to the Dead : Former soldiers Holden and Fred Johnson agree on the need to return.Errinwright decides in "Windmills" that " taking Holden off the board " is the best option, regardless of the lack of concrete evidence against him.Cliffhanger : "The Big Empty" ends with Holden's crew being captured by the Martian Navy.Their technology is top-notch, their soldiers are stoic and expeditious, and their complex infrastructure is implied to be a marvel.Amos: This is about average.Rail Gun : Standard armament for military spacecraft.Action Dad : Deconstructed by Alex, who's estranged from ex-wife and son because he prefers the action of piloting spacecraft, even if it's fairly pedestrian ice-hauling.Boomerang Bigot : Despite being a native Belter who's never left Ceres, Miller dresses like an Earther, works for an Earth-based Law Enforcement, Inc., and generally acts superior to other Belters because.Bobbie Draper, like Avasarala, is only introduced in the second book, so her initial material in Season 2 is original since the show hasn't quite reached that point yet.