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Strategic Bombing by the United States in World War II: The Myths and the Facts.Citation needed The Japanese government, while admitting no legal responsibility for the so-called "comfort women set up the Asian Women's Fund in 1995, which gives money to people who claim to have been forced into prostitution..
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Pressure should not drop to below 25psi when idling.Shock absorbers last roughly 35-45,000 miles, for normal road use.There is no set target to change the chain and is said to be good for up to 100,000 miles.The drivers 4 way seat adjuster can also become loose and worn which in..
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Prostitute meaning word

prostitute meaning word

This sentence is not a translation of the original sentence.
Head sth (excel) essere il primo di vi primeggiare in vi He heads his class in language studies.
Head (chief, president) capo nm That man is the head of the company.Il candidato a primo ministro era in cima alla lista dei candidati.The ex-congressman headed the investigation.Head (beer, other foam) ( di birra o bevanda ) stephanie lazy town arrested prostitution schiuma nf ( di latte ) panna nf The waiter poured the beer so that it would have a lot of head on top.Head (page) in cima avv ( di giornale ) testata nf We usually put the article's title at the head of the page.La comitiva di turisti sta ora andando verso Central Park, situato al centro di Manhattan.La questione principale in agenda sarebbe stata difficile da risolvere.Synonyms: brainpan, brain box, poll, bean, noggin, more.Head (herd animal) ( unità di bestiame ) capo nm The farmer sold his cattle for fifty dollars per head.note that although both these expressions can be used among friends without causing offense, they are otherwise very vulgar and offensive.
Cocina de puta madre (a damn great cook) comida de puta madre (fucking anal escorts durban lousy food).Head figurative (ability) ( figurato: capacità ) stoffa nf I just don't have the right head for management.Il suono del mangianastri era debole perché la testina era sporca.It can be used in its adjectival form and inserted with other words as an intensifier.Since then, gay, meaning homosexual male, has steadily driven out all the other definitions that have floated about through time and of course also has gradually begun supplementing the word lesbian as referring to women who are homosexual.Head (compact plant part) ( botanica ) cespo nm This new lettuce has a tight head.

This is an extension of one of the original meanings of carefree, meaning more or less uninhibited.