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How to pick up prostitutes in gta 5

You will have a ready supply of decent cars in the do prostitutes enjoy their work warehouse.
Farewell Chunky Lee prostitution in jakarta indonesia Chong Mission: Easy Completion Go to China Town, where Chunky Lee Chong is located.
However, Salvatore Leone has grown paranoid and no longer trusts easily, so when Maria lies and says that she a man whore in spanish and Claude are having an affair just to spite him, he sends Claude to his death by planting a bomb in a car he ordered Claude.In order to avoid this, steal the police car (try smashing them until they get out to arrest you, and then jump in their car).Shoreside Vale: Hidden City Enable the "Tank" and "Dodo City" codes.Now have 2 cars a little far away, now park one half way in but really close to the Buggy, just enough to squeeze through.Drive flat out through the courtyard and up the ramp.In a few seconds, the only thing around will be the helicopter.Run up those stairs and you will find a hidden package behind the billboard at the top.You will be safe, but if you go out again you will get shot.Get in it, turn the turret backwards and drive onto the blue circle.Press L3 to make the car push up and remain that way.Chases you 5 stars: FBI chases you 6 stars: Army chases you Easy Felony Get the tank and go around blowin stuff.
Portland: Rampage Locations In Diablo turf, very close to Luigi's club.
You will end up falling from the sky and landing on the bridge you went past.
Once in the truck push the boat in front of the military base while on the main road that you are on once past the base push the boat to the left towards the water once boat is near water get out of truck and.Go around the police building to the left through the little gap in the short wall and follow the narrow walkway.Once there drive to the left until you see a crane magnet hanging.It also makes a good sniper point!Moltov Cocktails And Secret Package In Portland, go to 8-balls garage, and go through the space in the wall.Once it is found, get your car and place it so you can jump on the car to the piece of cement.