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How do you say prostitute in gaelic

For example Bhà sà go mÃr i mbeal an pobal - he was big in the mouths of people - he was famous An domhain mÃr - the big world - is one expression that approaches the concept of planet earth and Ar fud.
In Irish: CÃn t-ainm atà ort?If it is clay that is meant there are several words the most common being crÃ.A common way to say hello in Gaelic Irish is Dia dhuit.Derrick is being spelled Deiric in Irish recently although not a name traditionally used in Ireland.Haines is a veteran writer whose work has been published by newspapers, magazines, international iowa city escorts news wire services documentary on escorts and nonprofit publications on topics ranging from breaking news and politics to travel, parenting, education, business and technology.In the Highlands the Gaelic form is MacAdhaimh.I know this is, nt exactly what you are looking for but thought it might be useful Tha mi a gealladh gu be mi a deanamh a s'fhearr a deanamh an dlighle agam gu dia agus gu an bann-righ a' cuideachadh duine elie agus a'.
Photo Credits, thinkstock/Stockbyte/Getty Images.Loosely translated, it means God to you or God be with you.In Irish it is 'gasÃg' ; in Scottish Gaelic?Share to: 'Riposi in pace' is an Italian equivalent of 'Requiescat in pace'.When someone says hello in Gaelic Irish, here are two ways to say hello in reply in Gaelic Irish.In Irish Gaelic it is " iontach ".Cidsin (masc).Fig, pad, rip, way, bema, clip, gait, lope, i love my whore family pass, pelt, rack, rate, step, tear, trot, walk, amble, brawl, canto, slink, space, steek, swing, tempo, trace, tread, canter, gallop, strait, stride, channel, chapter, dogtrot, measure, passage, scutlle.In Scottish Gaelic the word is "iongantach" and I believe it'd be pronounced "yohn-kan-tauch".In Scottish Gaelic Janet is SeÃnaid.

If you mean "fast" the Irish is luath, mear, or tapaidh.
Other wordsare speed, or rate.