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Federal bond maturity date

PAC (planned amortization class) tranche A CMO tranche that uses a mechanism similar to a sinking fund to determine a fixed principal payment schedule that will apply over a range of prepayment assumptions.
The basic macd trading rule is to sell when prostitute code of ethics the macd falls below its signal line and to buy when the macd rises above its signal line.
Optional principal redemption bond Term used to describe callable securities issued by the fhlb with either fixed- or floating-rate structures.The performance of customer's portfolios may be similar to that of these models, depending on the risk tolerance, fund composition, taxes or tax issues, and time horizon.This flight to quality particularly impacts high-yield issuers.Prime rate A commercial banks stated reference rate for lending.Credit default swap (CDS) A credit default swap is akin to an insurance policy in the event of certain credit events such as bankruptcy, failure to pay and restructuring of debt.Marginable securities you hold in your account are held in margin which increases your margin buying power.
Details available on our fee schedule.Scenario analysis An analysis examining the likely performance of an investment under a wide range of possible interest rate environments.Treasury in face value denominations designed for individual investors.Inflation-adjusted principal For an inflation-indexed security, the principal amount of the security, derived by multiplying the par amount by the applicable index ratio.Trustees are appointed to ensure compliance with the trust indenture and represent bondholders to enforce their contract with the issuers.