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Escort carrier white plains

Roberts (DE 413) were sunk by heavy caliber gunfire.
During the last months of the war, she visited such places as Kwajalein, Hollandia, Ulithi, Saipan, Guam, Leyte, and Pearl Harbor.At 1050, a formation of six enemy fighters appeared and began simultaneous kamikaze attacks."White Plains" stopped briefly at Oahu before continuing on toward the west coast on 23 February.Two of them singled out white plains as their victim.White plains was decommissioned on was berthed with the Boston Group, Atlantic Reserve Fleet.They scored a hit on one of the intruders, and he immediately changed course and succeeded in fatally crashing into.While on the west coast, white plains conducted operational training for her own ships company and carrier top amsterdam escorts qualifications for three air squadrons.While on the west coast, "White Plains" conducted operational training for her own ship's company and carrier qualifications for three air squadrons.The carriers' aircraft fearlessly fought back, making dummy runs on the Japanese ships to slow their speed of advance after expending all their bombs, torpedoes, and ammunition.
Three cruisers fell prey to submarine attacks in Palawan Passage on 23 October, and "Musashi" and heavy cruiser "Myk" succumbed to TF 38's air attacks in the Sibuyan Sea the following day.
The escort aircraft carrier completed outfitting at Astoria on 4 December 1943 and began shakedown training on the 8th.If you were a CVE sailor and want to contact your old shipmates or join your ship's association, or if you are a family member wanting information about a relative who served aboard a CVE, refer to the following list for the name and address.The end of hostilities in mid-August found her en route from Pearl Harbor to the west coast.Finally, her name was struck from the Navy list on She was sold on 29 July to the Hyman Michaels., of Chicago, Ill., for scrapping.During her second tour of duty in the Marianas, the escort carrier supported the Tinian assault late in July.Rear Admiral Sprague was incredulous and demanded identification verification which came disconcertingly enough when the enemy battleships' pagoda masts - unmistakable indicators - loomed over the horizon.Finally, her name was struck from the Navy List on She was sold on 29 July to the Hyman Michaels Company, of Chicago, Illinois, for scrapping.

USS "White Plains" (CVE-66) was an "Casablanca" class escort carrier of the United States Navy.
Her planes carried out sortie after sortie in support of the troops ashore and over the ships assembled, but "White Plains" herself suffered no enemy attacks.
After the Battle of Long Island on, during the Revolutionary War, George Washington was forced to evacuate Long Island and, later, the entire state of New York.