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British escort aircraft carriers ww2

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Submarine Skate (SS-305) attacks Japanese carrier Zuiho, in the Mariana Basin, which, along with carrier Un'yo and escort carrier Chuyo and escort vessels, is proceeding back to Japan from Truk.
Zuiho and, shoho were converted from seaplane tenders.
Chris j wood ( talk ) 11:55, 24 December 2007 (UTC) The Escort Carrier was originally devised as a means of providing a convoy with air cover while beyond the reach of Allied land-based aircraft.On rare occasions when aerial opposition was encountered, the seemingly ungainly Sunderland could protect itself against enemy twin-engine aircraft.And Meanwhile the US discovered their own use for the escort carriers.Chiyoda and, chitose were converted from seaplane carriers.Japanese heavy cruisers Myoko, Ashigara, Haguro and Nachi engage three Allied ships fleeing Java, sinking British heavy cruiser HMS Exeter and destroyer HMS Encounter.Aircraft from TF 38 of the Third Fleet (Adm Halsey) strike Inland Sea area, between Nagoya, and Northern Kyushu; principally targeting the Kure Naval Base.The early war strength of the Fleet Air Arm (Aeronavale) was four squadrons of dive-bombers, two of seaplanes and one of flying boats.The spelling is fine as far as I can tell and any bad spelling, grammar etc are reasons to change rather then delete.- Kitchen Knife ( talk ) 23:42, (UTC) "United States classification revision to escort aircraft carrier ( CVE What exactly does CVE stand.F6F Hellcat, on the other hand, was much larger and did generally need a catapult shot, even from the big carriers).Stan 06:12 Mar 14, 2003 (UTC i hope so too, but the chances are slim.It is consistent with the information cited in the articles refereed.
Their DCA mainly consisted of oerlikon heavy machine guns was generous and relatively effective at close range.
Submarine Tirante (SS-420) damages Coast Defense Vessel.102.Japanese transport force, formed around seaplane carriers Chitose and Nisshin and six destroyers, reaches Tassafaronga, Guadalcanal, to disembark elements of the Japanese Army's 2d Infantry Division.Submarine Trout (SS-202) torpedoes Japanese escort carrier Taiyo east of Truk.Submarine Spadefish (SS-411) sinks Japanese escort carrier Shinyo 140 miles northeast of Shanghai, China, in Yellow Sea.The type also was deployed against Japan, and 364 of the total 5,928 were built under license in Australia.The problem at the time was the German long-range Focke-Wulf 200 Condors that were attacking ships in the Mid-Atlantic gap.The C is for cruiser, since the earliest aircraft carriers were used as part of the scouting force for the battle fleet; and the V (from the French verb voler ) designated fixed wing aircraft (rather than balloons, blimps and dirigibles).During this period, Japan produced a new big carrier, Taiho, and converted two seaplane tenders and a submarine tender to light carriers, three passenger liners to escort carriers, two battleships to handle aircraft, and neared completion of the world's largest aircraft carrier, Shinano.Before mobilisation the strength of the Navy was 9,762 officers and 109,170 ratings.Kamikawa Maru of Indo China.