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A prostitute is someone who will love you

a prostitute is someone who will love you

The opposite of hyponym, which describes larger categories, is hypernym.
Coordinate term A term that is a different type of the same hypernym.
As loanwords from two different but related languages, as loanwords acquired from the same language at two different stages, as one loanword from a related language plus its native cognate, or as derivatives formed at two different stages in the history of a language.
Jeremy fuchs, m, "Life After Escaping the World of Human Trafficking The indictment discusses another girl who was murdered after being prostituted on Backpage, a case in which the killer then attempted to burn his victim's body.Relative Marking a relative clause.Watch this 1080p video only on pornhub premium.1924" is a"tion from approximately 1924.An example is the English pronoun one.Portmanteau A blend that combines meanings.Syncretism The situation in which two or more inflected forms of a word are identical.Mass noun see uncountable noun, below.Eye dialect A nonstandard spelling used to show a speaker's pronunciation, especially when it is a pronunciation the writer considers dialectal or nonstandard.
Do not don't ).
Since the focus is on the completion of what is expressed by the verb, this aspect is generally associated with the past and future tenses.
Verbs of this type are considered "regular" in most Germanic languages, but there are also irregular weak verbs, such as English think, thought and have, had.Ellipsis The omission of a word or phrase that can be inferred from the context.Third person, 3rd person A grammatical person that indicates someone or something that is neither the person or group to which the speaker belongs, nor the person or group that the speaker is speaking.For example, the English noun sheep is invariable because its plural is also sheep.Though no match was made, the database did later link the profile to biological evidence from two other unsolved crimes separate rapes of prostitutes that occurred in Fort escort agency legal Worth in 2011.Nonce word A word invented for the occasion.Singulative, singulative number, SGV The marked singular form of an unmarked mass noun.